What’s on Your Album?

In my last post, Athletic Strength Drives Business Strength, I talked a lot about what it means to have athletic strength and how that can drive confidence.  But you don’t have to be an elite athlete to leverage your strength for confidence.  In fact, you don’t need to be an athlete at all to use these techniques. 

In his book, Psyched Up, Daniel McGinn talks about the importance of mental preparation, and why a pre-performance routine shouldn’t be limited to professional athletes.  I agree. Anyone can use mental preparation to help them succeed.

I mentioned creating a “Greatest Hits Album” in my prior post. This is a technique designed to push performance and give you the right amount of energy that’s appropriate for whatever you’re trying to do. 

I have Daniel McGinn to thank for introducing me to this concept. It was extremely helpful in the months leading up to my English Channel swim. In fact, not only did I use it in the cold, choppy waters off the coast of England, I tried it out in a warm conference room prior to a big presentation.  I can say first-hand, it’s a proven technique, regardless of what you’re up against.

Building your Greatest Hits Album starts by identifying a few of your past successes.  Start by thinking about where you excel and what strengths you have.  Ask yourself three questions:

  1. Am I good at it?
  2. Do I enjoy it?
  3. Does it give me energy? 

If you can answer yes to the first 2 questions, add it to your list of strengths. 

If you can answer yes to all 3 questions, you’ve got a new track for your album. 

Next time you need to bring your A-Game, replay your greatest hits in your mind for a surge of confidence and energy, knowing you are grounded in your Authentic Strength. 

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