Achieve Confidence. Push Performance.

Grounded in Strength is offered as a full-day, half-day or seminar workshop.

This unique program is designed to level the playing field and provide women with the skills they need to compete and excel in today’s business environment. In this highly interactive training, we combine executive-level communication skills and powerful sports psychology.
Tools and techniques from the session are easily assimilated and applied to increase confidence and success in the workplace.

Program Elements

  • Gender Differences
  • Stylistic differences between men and women
  • Language choice and common mistakes women make.
  • Gain visibility in meetings
  • Vocal inflection and projection
  • Using Authentic Strength
  • Tap into individual strength to build confidence
  • Maintain control and stay on message.
  • Handle tough questions.
  • Manage anxiety and nervous energy
  • Effective Communication
  • Speak with certainty, clarity and understand how word choice increases credibility.
  • Confident presentation and delivery
  • Eye contact and facial animation
  • Non-verbal messages